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Orangeville Pre-cast Has Manufactured High Quality Septic Tanks Since 1966.

Our product line has grown to include septic and holding tanks and pump tanks as small as 225 gallons (1020 litres) all to the way up to 5000 gallons (22,500 litres). In addition, we carry everything you would need to install a system, such as pipes and fittings, filter cloths, chambers and risers.
Armtec is a manufacturer of corrugated steel pipes, corrugated high-density polyethylene pipes for drainage and storm sewer applications and also manufactures steel products for use in bridges, tunnels and soil retention systems.
Atlantic Industire
Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) has a long history of creating innovative solutions in corrugated steel. Since 1965, AIL has been engineering high quality, durable corrugated steel products for major industries like transportation, hydro, mining and forestry. Our solutions come in a variety of sizes, ranging from culverts and sewers to tunnels, bridges, underpasses and stream enclosures.
Infiltrator Systems Inc. (ISI) is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic leach field drainage chambers for environmental on-site wastewater solutions. Our chambers, a direct replacement for stone and pipe leach fields, have revolutionized the septic industry. They provide cost-effective, efficient methods for handling residential and commercial wastewater.
Polylok is the market leader in innovative products for use in the septic industry. They have hundreds of products including filters, risers and connectors along with many other helpful products that will provide solutions for any tricky job.
Waterloo Biofilter
Waterloo Biofilter is an industry leader in the development, sales, and aftermarket service in the area of tertiary septic systems.

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Septic Tank Products

We have been manufacturing high quality septic tanks since 1966.

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Orangeville Pre-cast was founded in 1966 and has enjoyed continued success and growth due to its strong focus on customer service.

We carry a large inventory of the best brands like Permacon, Oaks, Triple H and our own CANROK™ line.

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